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The craftsmanship of the product is the strength of Cafe Noir, historical company located in Ragusa since 1989, although its origins are even older. To drive it is the owner Saro Campo who bet on high quality standard, granting a substantial touch of style in different areas: from the image to the quality of the product, until stable relations undertaken in the years well beyond national borders.
The main objective of Café Noir is to make the quantum leap realizing in the accuracy in which the product is treated, from its raw state then worked in various selections, from ground grains, to coffee capsules, also providing a selectionof decaffeinated, ginseng, barley coffee and infused.
Founded as a small roasting company based in Ragusa, over the decades it has grown in production giving a new image to coffee. The world of coffee is able to arouse a fascination, starting from the overseas plantations to the final product.
Monthly, supplies of coffee beans, bags from Latin America, Asia and to a lesser extent also from Africa are sent to Ragusa. A journey across continents to choose the best crops which provide what each of us desire to find in own cup of coffee to enjoy at home, at work, in a restaurant or at the bar.

40 Years experience

High quality coffee


Cafè Noir


Cafè Noir



We guarantee: weekly deliveries by our specialized staff; two different kind of cup: one for coffee and the other for cappuccino. We also offer a paper napkin with our logo.



We guarantee support for all coffee machines that are given for rental use. Furthermore we guarantee supplies each time they are required also on a weekly bases.



Cafè Noir has created for you a line of complementary products for our loyal customers, which can be very useful in daily life: a clock, a tray, an ashtray and a block notes with a pen.



Café noir is a well-known company located in Ragusa. It believe that only through a constant training a company will reach the excellence.

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C.da Piancatella, 97100 – Ragusa