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There are two points of Cafe Noir intransigent policy: on the one hand the craftsmanship of each product that must embody the quality while, on the other hand, there is the enhancement of the brand.
Every production has to speak a single language that is the language of excellence, since it is aimed at a global market in which innovation should not replace craftsmanship.
For this reason we organize constant in-house training courses, reserved for customers and business partners. Another strand concerns staff training which must be able to acquire techniques and to learn about new market opportunities.
Education is very important therefore Cafè Noir often devotes specific appointments for demonstrations aimed at bartenders, students and coffee lovers.
Cafè Noir is a new company in terms of machinery and professional philosophy but it is Historic when you consider the date it was founded, and the way how the principle of craftsmanship of the product remains the common denominator of every action.
Finally, Cafe noir is a company which believes in constant innovation.



Cafe Noir tells the story of a businessman who has consolidated the brand of his company through important steps that have allowed him to land well beyond the Italian borders .Cafè Noir moves from a small craft workshop which arose in Ragusa in 1934 and after 40 years of experience still produces very high quality products.
The company buys Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Cameron, India, Vietnam and from many other countries. Thanks to the skill of our experts beans from around the world Café Noir represents the typical Belpaese coffee.
Café Noir products are sold largely in France , Germany , Poland and Russia.
From the small roasting date, there have been several important intermediate steps that have led to the construction of a strong identity that can also support the comparison with larger companies .
Cafe Noir embodies the style , the essence , and the identity of the product which suggests reliability not only in the mere consumption of the product but also in the enterprise solidity that has been strengthened.
Another important choice was made in the field of equipping itself with the latest technological equipment and making use of professionals whom have been able to support the new challenges.By bringing together the know-how and new prospects arose the idea of creating a ‘Café Noir model’ as an integrated system between customer and supplier in the perspective of quality that excites the essence of every choice



Quality that excites. is the slogan chosen by Cafè Noir. This immediately reflects the excellent quality of handmade conjugated product innovation procedures that allow you to make changes to the existing traditional mixtures. Café Noir takes advantage of new mono origins from abroad which are selected by our internal specialists. Usually you receive lots of evidence that come from various parts of the world and about themselves trying new blends from time to time are experienced roasting directly on the farm. Our ultimate goal is to identify the most representative quality formula that encompasses excellence in taste and flavor nuances that come to the palate. Many years of experience have enabled Cafè Noir to change various productions taking into account the needs of the customer more and more in step with the global markets. It is for this reason we are trying as much as possible to customize our products according to the needs of our clients, with the possibility of offering the creation of original mixtures that can represent their brand. Customized coffee can be a prestigious hallmark for bars and restaurants who firmly believe in high quality, the same in which Café Noir invests in daily.


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