Quality that excites

Is the slogan chosen by Cafè Noir. This immediately reflects the excellent quality of handmade conjugated product innovation procedures that allow you to make changes to the existing traditional mixtures.

Café Noir takes advantage of new mono origins from abroad which are selected by our internal specialists. Usually you receive lots of evidence that come from various parts of the world and about themselves trying new blends from time to time are experienced roasting directly on the farm. Our ultimate goal is to identify the most representative quality formula that encompasses excellence in taste and flavor nuances that come to the palate.

Many years of experience have enabled Cafè Noir to change various productions taking into account the needs of the customer more and more in step with the global markets. It is for this reason we are trying as much as possible to customize our products according to the needs of our clients, with the possibility of offering the creation of original mixtures that can represent their brand.

Customized coffee can be a prestigious hallmark for bars and restaurants who firmly believe in high quality, the same in which Café Noir invests in daily.