Apart from coffee, Cafè Noir offers a lot of services in order to satisfy its customers. Find out more:
1) Bar
2) Vending
3) Merchandisign
4) Training


  • We guarantee: weekly deliveries by our specialized staff;.

  • two different kind of cup: one for coffee and the other for cappuccino.

  • We also offer a paper napkin with our logo.



We guarantee support for all coffee machines that are given for rental use.

Furthermore we guarantee supplies each time they are required also on a weekly bases.



Cafè Noir has created for you a line of complementary products for our loyal customers, which can be very useful in daily life: a clock, a tray, an ashtray and a block notes with a pen. Each year they are delivered to our clients in order to satisfy them more and more.



Café noir is a well-known company located in Ragusa. It believe that only through a constant training a company will reach the excellence. For this reason, Cafè Noir gives a careful consideration to the enhancement of internal and external human resources. It often organize high level training courses with the best coffee experts. Investing in professional skills is the principal leit motive which let Cafè Noir believe in the importance of training people who love this sector. The same attention is given to everyone who wants to collaborate and work with us in order to become “the taste of coffee ambassador”.